Mocha Fest is a bi-annual destination festival hosted in Negril, Jamaica over the Memorial Day Weekend, and in Cancun Mexico in October. Mocha Fest promotes and supports an open-minded and free-spirited party atmosphere, catered around Hip Hop and Caribbean music culture. The festival was first hosted in Negril Jamaica in 2014, and what started out as a small event for a group of fewer than 200 people, have grown to where close to 3000 people showed up in Jamaica in 2018 to attend Mocha Fest events and parties. October 2018 marks the first annual hosting of Mocha Fest Cancun, and Mocha Fest die-hards are super excited that they do not have to wait an entire year to enjoy the Mocha Fest experience, and for those that aren’t able to attend the Jamaica event, can catch us in Cancun.

Mocha Fest is not something you can compare to any other event you have ever attended. There are just one Mocha Fest and the only way to experience what it truly means to live, party and have fun without inhibitions or fear of judgment, is to be at the next Mocha Fest.